St Robert Bellarmine Church

St Robert Bellarmine Church
Children's Liturgy

Takes place every Sunday morning during 10am Mass, (however not during school holidays) this allows the Liturgy of the Word to be broken down into smaller understandable parts for our children who are preparing for Sacraments  



All primary school children are welcome to attend (please no pre schoolers)





There are three parishioners who guide our children through the Liturgy using everyday experiences and examples which we can all relate to the Gospel. By using this method they encourage our children to participate in the message of the Gospel and understand why everyday activities are linked to Faith and the word of the Gospel.





Children often are given worksheets, pictures to colour etc to help break down the Liturgy and they are encouraged to share this with their families as well as putting their work on the display board which is in the side Chapel. We always welcome parents/family members to pop in and have a look at their marvellous work.



The ladies who help our children are Christina Cusack, Cath Dillon and Christina Robb.

CHRISTINA CUSACK was previously a member of St Louise parish, where she made all hersacraments. She is studying at Glasgow university to become a primary school teacher (also studying for an additional qualification to teach in Catholic schools!).She is currently in her third year of a four year honour degree. Christina alsp work part time as a tutor for English & Maths! 



CATH DILLON  was previously a member of Our Lady and St George's Parish for many years and moved to St Robert's 8 years ago. She is a qualified Nursery Officer for 16years and currently is a senior member of staff in the Butterfly Nursery in Arden.



CHRISTINA ROBB has been a member of St Robert's Parish since  1960 and a Catechist for 16years. She has been a Social Worker for over 20 years and is currently a Social Work Manager with a Local Authority.