St Robert Bellarmine Church

St Robert Bellarmine Church
St Robert Bellarmine RC Church 
St Robert Bellarmine RC Church
Thursday 26 May is the Feast of the Solemnity
of the Ascension
and a Holy Day of Obligation.
Masses are at 10am and 7pm.
Please try and attend any of the masses.
St Bernards Primary School have created a video in honour of Father Jim and have given
us permission to show it on the Website and Facebook sites.
Our thanks to all involved,
I am sure that he would have appreciated the sentiment.
A link to the Facebook site is shown at the foot of this page and the video can be seen here.
Feel free to use the link to Facebook if you cannot access it here.

 The Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of England and Wales, Ireland, and Scotland have issued the following statement:

In the face of the shocking loss of life, bloodshed, displacement of people and destruction of property in Ukraine, we make these heartfelt appeals. We ask our Catholic communities to sustain the prayer and self-denial of Lent as a constant offering to God, begging for an end to this pointless violence. We ask our fellow Christians everywhere, including Patriarch Kirill and all in the Russian Orthodox Church, to join in solidarity with us in daily spiritual and practical efforts for a ceasefire, for humanitarian outreach and the silencing and laying down of weapons. We ask all who have an instinct for God to raise their hearts and minds in prayer for peace.
We urge everyone to open their hearts and respond generously to the many appeals for help and support for all who are fleeing their homeland. We call on the UK and Irish governments to offer an open and generous welcome to those who seek refuge in the face of this warfare.



First Holy Communion                               

Information relating to this is listed below


St Bernard’s Saturday 14th and Saturday 21st May at 10am Mass in St Robert’s.


Various items are available to buy at the Piety Stall at the rear of the church. Some images are shown to give you an idea of what is available.






Covid 19


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Latest Update (21 May 2022)


The Parish bulletin is now available again and can be picked up at the rear of the church as you leave. If you wish you can view it on-line under the bulletin option on the list at the left hand side of this page.


Come Back To Mass

The link shown takes you to a short video


Are You Getting Married in 2022

If you are contemplating getting married, can you get in touch with the chapel house so that arrangements can be diaried and put in place. It has been extremely difficult with the Covid pandemic and we know that for some there have been changes of dates etc... Please get in touch with the chapel house as soon as possible, if you need to book arrangements.


During this unprecedented time anyone wishing to contribute

to the Parish Funds who have not already set up a standing order or

direct debit are more than welcome to post any donations at the Chapel House. 



A new Facebook page has been set up, run by St Roberts, for St Roberts.

Feel free to visit it and contribute. The link below will take you to it.














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